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Superior Fence & Construction prides itself on the quality of work we do and service provided.  Each job is installed as if it were our own.  Superior Fence strives for excellence and settles for nothing less than perfection. 


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Sound Proofing

Pictured is a fence using Acoustiblok Acoustifence Noise Reduction Fence

Peace of mind is the benefit you experience when we soundproof your home or business, because peace and quiet is a precious commodity. With traffic, neighbors, construction, trains, and landscaping noises, sometimes peace and quiet seems like wishful thinking. You may not be able to change where you live, but you can change how you live! Reduce the noise and eliminate unnecessary stress by allowing us to create a more comfortable atmosphere with our high quality soundproofing installation.  

Superior Fence & Construction has cutting edge technical solutions for every noise problem area, whether it be residential or commercial, a modern building or an old building. The concept that most people don’t recognize is... You don’t have to live with the noise! Whether you want to keep noise in, out, or both, we have the expertise and unique solutions to every kind of space. Every property is different so rest assured that we will customize your project to fit your needs, your budget, and your space.

In order to provide maximum noise reduction and unwanted sound pollution, Superior Fence & Construction will evaluate your space and create a noise control solution that will maintain the visual appeal of your windows, wall, and ceiling, while abiding by lease or city limitations. We are a licensed and fully insured general contractor, providing complete design, materials and installation of sound control systems with the goal of putting you in a place of ease, peace and privacy.