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Having control over who enters your property brings a sense of confidence and safety to any home or business owner. At Superior Fencing and Construction we will design an access control system tailored to your residential or commercial property’s needs and to your preferences, leaving you with peace of mind while increasing the value of your home or business. We are the Premier Contractor in the Metro Safety is ore number one concern.

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Security components range from telephone entry systems, radio-access for remote entry, handicap access, turnstiles, and panic alarms. Superior Fence & Construction’s experienced technicians will install your entry system with the utmost precision and care so that you can rest assured your investment will serve you well for years to come.


The options available today create very accessible and reassuring solutions to your security needs. We offer systems which allow you access and control over who enters your property, directly from the convenience of your own cell phone or landline, along with the option to set up access control on your computer so you have monitoring capabilities at all times. And in the rare case of a power outage, we offer battery backup solutions so you will not have to stress over unforeseen circumstances.


Whether it’s providing authorized access to specific areas of your property, or securing employee parking, a simple installation can create a huge solution and offer incredible convenience. We provide you with the tools and the knowledge required to meet your security needs while offering regular maintenance, check-ups and repairs. Regardless of which security set-up and access controls you choose for your property, Superior Fence & Construction will custom design your system to match your property’s present style and needs.

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