Crash Rated Fences & Gates

Crash-rated security fences are perfect for protecting public spaces and walkways. Anti-ram fences and bollards provide additional layers of security by preventing smash and grabs or damage from traffic collisions. Common on busy streets and intersections. All of our crash-rated fences are built to last, with concrete and steel construction and are quick to professionally install.

Walkway Security Fences

Protect any walkway from vehicles with a crash rated fence. Fences and Bollards designed to stop cars in their tracks with woven steel cables and sturdy concrete construction. Perfect for businesses close to high traffic intersections or stores located in busy parking lots.

Roadside Bollards

Superior Fence Builds our Crash-rated bollards using concrete and steel. The perfect answer for any vehicle security for roadsides, pathways or storefronts. With a crash rated security fence you can rest easy knowing your customers and storefront walkways are safe and secure.

Anti-ram Security Gates

Anti-ram vehicle security gates are excellent options for parking lots, walkway or commercail office buildings. Our anti-ram barrier from trusted maufatures have been engineered and tested to withstand multipule vehical impacts and still remain intact. Making them the ideal crash-rated security barrier solution.

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