Hinges & Keeps

Locinox gate keeps and hinges are compact surface mounted with a powder coated aluminum housing. With 90° to 180° opening angles with vertical and horizontal adjustability. Locinox makes there hinges flexible and Durable. Simple to install thanks to the Quick-Fix fastening system; no welding needed. These hinge easily supports gates up to 3.5 ft wide and 132 lb. Locinox hinge’s are aesthetic design perfectly fits aluminum and smaller residential gates to larger commercial projects.

  • Easy to fix with Quick-Fix or bolt through fixing
  • Vandal-proof eyebolt & crossbolt
  • 180° opening
  • Eliminates the need to stock left and right swinging gates
  • 9/16″ adjustable in height
  • 1″ adjustable in depth
  • U clamp and GRIP in aluminum
  • Hot dip glavanized eyebolt and crossbolt
  • Max width of the gate: 4 ft
  • Max weight of the gate: 110 lbs
  • Ratio gate width / distance between the hinges must be equal or below 0,6


Locinox manufacturers a variety of different hardware for gates and fences. They make gate closers in a variety of different specifications to fit your gate. We also offer a variety of different electronic products from Locinox such as keypads and power boxes. Turnstiles are also available as an innovative security solution to control access to your property. We also carry secure locks from Locinox in many different models to fit your gate, from a swimming pool gate lock to a sliding gate lock and much more. We also sell keeps from Locinox for your sliding gates, swing gates and more. We also carry industrial gate hinges from Locinox. We also carry drop bolts, ground catchers, and gate catchers. We also carry a wide variety of accessories from Locinox such as bolts and tool kits. No matter what parts you need for your fence or gate we’ve got you covered.

Rapid Part Delivery

We offer rapid part delivery. We understand that your time is valuable, therefore with our service you can get the parts you need, conveniently and quickly delivered to you.

Expert Installation

We are an authorized installer of Locinox products. Whether it’s locks, keypads, or accessories you can rest assured that your products will be carefully installed by experts. 

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